Outline of Bylaw Changes

article section subsection additions which reflect current practice new and/or significant changes
I Council Organization III Fiscal Operation c mandated annual budget x
x x c Board approval for expenditures x
x x d Board approval for contracts x
II Council Membership I Membership c x Voting privileges for youth members 14-17 for the at large youth rep in Board elections
II Residency a, b definition of residency clarified x
III Board of Directors II Board Organization c, d x change from 4 district reps and 1 general at-large rep to 3 district reps and 4 general at-large reps
III Board Qualifications b x must have attended at least (4) monthly Board meetings in the current fiscal year to run for office
IV Board Election Procedure c x 5 members required for Election Commision– mandated election by Board at February meeting
f x mandated filing period–from March to April meeting
h x 15 signatures required for nomination papers (rather than 10 for district and 20 for at-large)
h x youth members 14-17 may sign nomination papers for at-large youth candidate
i x procedure for appeal for candidates who submitted nomination papers and who failed certification by Election Commission
k voter identification clarified and expanded x
l x change in number of district & at-large candidates members may vote for
l x provision for individual youth ballots
m voter sign-in sheet procedure clarified x
m x write-in candidates must receive a threshold of 15 votes to be eligible for election to office
n x procedure for absentee voting established
o procedure for running the election table established x
p x provision for printing ballot and/or poll instructions in languages other than English
q procedure for counting the ballots established x
q x coin-toss to decide on tie votes (rather than a vote by the Board
r,s procedure for filling out and submitting Election Report established x
s x mandate to archive voting materials
t x procedure for contesting election results
V: Ratification of Election Results a x procedure for general membership to ratify election results at Annual meeting
b, c x procedure for general membership to settle any challenges to the election results
d x provision for current Board to remain seated if election results cannot be ratified
VI: Assumption of Office (a) x newly elected Board members assume office at the end of the Annual Meeting in June (rather than at the July meeting)
VII: Recall a recall process clarified x
b x recall election results must be ratified by general membership
VIII: Absentees a x change from 3 consecutive absences to any four absences during the fiscal year
b,c x procedure for automatic suspension and/or reinstatement or removal (rather than a request for resignation)
IX: Board Vacancies b x vacant Board seats filled by an appointment from the Board serve until next election (rather than the remainder of the term)
Article IV Officers of the Board I: Officers b x reps must have served 1 year on the Board to be eligible for an officer position
II: Officer Nominating Committee a,b,c nominating committee procedure clarified x
III: Election of Officers a,b,c,d,e voting procedure for officers clarified and expanded x
IV: Duties of Officers b vice-pres responsible for vetting City applications for businesses vice-pres responsible for vetting abutter applications
c x sec/clerk responsible for policy & procedure manual, and archiving documents
e, f x mandated monthly reconcilliation of bank statement by treasurer and asst treasurer
g x guidelines for officers representing the Board and/or Council
V: Officer Vacancies (a) x new officer elected if more than 30 days remain in fiscal year (rather than 4 months)
VI: Removal of an Officer (a) x procedure established for removing an officer
VII: Executive Board a,c duties clarified & expanded x
b x limitation established around the power “to act on business that does not admit of delay”
Article V: Rules of Conduct Section I a,b,c x rules of conduct established
Section II: Conflict of Interest a,b x rules around conflict of interest established
Section III: Removal of a Board Representative a,b,c,d,e x procedures established for removing, suspending, or requesting a letter of resignation from a Board rep
Article VI Council Meetings Section I: General c x meeting quorum for monthly Board meetings and special Board meetings changed from 5 to a majority of currently seated Board reps
Section II: Monthly Board Meetings b x mandate for all City related applications to be heard only at regular monthly Board meetings
Section III: Special Meetings b x provision added for Board reps to have the option to call for a Special meeting
c limitation on subject matter for Special Meetings expanded x
Section IV: General Membership Meetings d x quorum for general membership meeting changed from 20 to 30
d x provision added for an alternative quorum of 2/3 currently seated reps to be present to conduct business if quorum of 30 is not met at a general membership meeting
e x procedure for posting notice of general membership meeting changed
Section V: Annual Meeting a x Annual Meeting mandated to be held in June
b x procedure for posting notice of Annual Meeting changed to same rules as for general membership meeting
c agenda for Annual Meeting clarified and expanded x
Article VII: Council Committees Section I: Standing Committees d how chairpersons may represent the Council clarified x
e x chairpersons held to standards established for rules of conduct & conflict of interest
f x procedure established for removing a chairperson
Section III: Council Committee List a provision added for maintaining and updating Council Committee List x
b duties of chairpersons clarified x
Article VIII: Council Operations Section I: Policy and Procedure a,b,c x mandate to maintain a Policy & Procedure manual and provisions for changing policies and procedures
Section II:   Administrative Staff a provision for employing staff x
b x provision for supervising staff
Article IX:   Indemnification (same as current) x (same as current) (same as current)
Article X: Bylaws Section I: Bylaws (a) x change in how to post the notice of a pending bylaw amendment