McKnight Neighborhood Meeting 9/12/17

McKnight Neighborhood Meeting 9/12/17

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Board Meeting: September 12, 2017

Approved October 10, 2017

Minutes McKnight Neighborhood Council

Meeting called to order by President Walter K at 6:10 pm.

Board Members Present (7): Walter Kroll, President; Bryan McFarland, Sec/Clerk; Brandi Gamble, Asst Sec/Clerk; Elizabeth Stevens, Treasurer; Art Jones, Cora Swan, Nikolaos Panteleakis,

Board Members Not Present (3): Ben Swan, Jr, Vice-President; Giselle Vizcarrondo, Lorenzo Gaines

Administrative Staff:   Elizabeth Lederman

Neighborhood Members & Guests who signed in:  Margaret Lynch, Maurice Taylor, Jeff Bourque, James Johnson, Demetrice Brown, T. Jones, Keith Reisinger-Kindle, Karen Twiggs, Mike Stevens, James Brown, Betty Moody, Elliot Stratton, Deryl Blanks, Michael Devine, James Ferrera, Anastasia Lederman, Giselle Vizcarrondo

Candidates Roundtable Guests: E. Henry Twiggs, Candejah Pink, Robert Kelly, Larry Lawson, Lorenzo Gaines, Kateri Walsh, Justin Hurst, Jesse Lederman, Ernesto Cruz, Victor Davila, Kelvin Molina, Tracye Whitfield, Jynai McDonald, Kelli Moriarty-Finn


  • PRESIDENT’S REPORT: (Walter Kroll)
  • Pres Walter K informed the Board that Keith Reisinger-Kindle has expressed interest in joining the Board of Directors to fill a seat vacancy in District 1. Keith has been participating on Council committees and regularly attending meetings. He will submit a letter to Board members for his consideration which will be entertained at the October Board meeting.
  • SECRETARY’S REPORT: (Bryan McFarland)
  • Sec/Clerk Bryan M submitted the following minutes for approval:
  • Minutes of 08/08/17 Neighborhood Meeting
  • Minutes of 08/29/17 Executive Board Meeting
  • MOTION: (BG moved) to accept as presented; (ES seconded); (WK call for discussion); (WK called the question); Motion unanimous.



  • TREASURER’S REPORT: (Elizabeth Stevens)
  • Treas Elizabeth S reporting a current cash balance of $3,670.56. Financial report for the month not yet completed.
  • MOTION: (BM moved) to table financial report until next month; (AJ seconded); (WK call for discussion); (WK called the question); Motion unanimous.


Adjournment: MOTION: (BM moved) to adjourn; (AJ seconded); (WK called the question); Motion unanimous.

 Candidates Roundtable—6:30-8pm

  • City Council Candidates Roundtable—Ward 4 City Council Candidates & At-Large candidates answered questions developed by Board representatives and contributed by audience members.
  •                             Submitted for approval by Elizabeth Lederman, Administrative Staff, 10/10/17