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McKnight Special Meeting 03/22/17

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Special Board Meeting: March 22, 2017                                                                       

Approved April 11, 2017

Minutes McKnight Neighborhood Council

Meeting called to order by President Walter K at 6:00 pm.

Board Members Present (9): Walter Kroll, President; Elizabeth Stevens, Treasurer; Art Jones, Lorenzo Gaines,

Giselle Vizcarrondo, Paul Swenson, Lamont E Clemons, Ben Swan, Jr, Nick Panteleakis

Board Members Not Present (6): Bryan McFarland, Vice-President; Synthia Scott-Mitchell, Secy/Clerk; Damian

Phillips, Asst Sec/Clerk; Tawreak Eddington, Asst Treas; Elizabeth O’Gilvie, Lloyd A Creswell

Administrative Staff:   Elizabeth Lederman

Neighborhood Members & Guests who signed in: None


OPEN MEETING, WELCOME—President Walter Kroll
  • Pres Walter K convened the meeting and turned it over to the Bylaws Committee Chairperson, Paul Swenson
    • Chair Paul S reiterated the work of the Bylaws Committee, emphasizing that the Bylaws are an important document which lays down what the organization’s goals are, the nature of the organization’s work, and what rules the organization is operating under. In the last few years it became evident that the bylaws needed to be updated to reflect current practices, and to provide guidelines for problems and situations that were being encountered but are not addressed in the current document. Some changes were introduced in the proposed bylaw revision that provide for capacity building and greater inclusiveness for all the members of the Council that live in the neighborhood.
    • Members participating in the review and discussion were provided with a set of the current bylaws, the proposed revision, an outline of the Articles and Sections in the document, and a worksheet which indicated what changes and additions were proposed. This worksheet was used to guide the overall discussion.

  • Article I—Council OrganizationNo changes made to proposed revision
  • Article II—Council MembershipNo changes made to proposed revision
  • Article III—Board of Directors“In order to qualify for election to the Board of Directors, a neighborhood member must have attended at least four (4) monthly neighborhood Board meetings during the current fiscal year, as documented in the attendance sign-in sheets.”
  • Section III: Board Qualifications; Subsection B:

  • Change requirement from attending 4 monthly meetings to 3 monthly meetings
  • Article IV—Officers of the Board
  • Section I: Officers: Subsection B:
“Eligibility for Office: Board officers shall be either district or at-large representatives, and may not hold any one office for a period of longer than five (5) consecutive years. . . .”
  • Change term limit from 5 consecutive years to 4 consecutive years
  • Article V—Rules of Conduct“DELIBERATION: The Board representative subject to the consideration for removal does not have to be present during deliberations. . . . “
  • Section III: Removal: Subsection D:
  • Change “does not have to be present” to “may be present”“SUSPENSION: In the event that a Board representative becomes a party to an un-adjudicated criminal or civil action within the greater community, the Board may elect to suspend that individual until such matters are adjudicated. . . .”
  • Section III: Removal: Subsection E:
  • Amend “an un-adjudicated criminal or civil action” to include “of a felony nature”

  • Article VI—Council Meetings
  • Section III: Special Meetings: Subsections A & B:
“A. A Special Meeting of the Board may be convened at the call of the President, and shall be convened by the President if requested to do so by a majority of all currently seated Board representatives. Requests must be in writing and state the purpose of the meeting and the President shall convene the meeting within ten (10) days of receiving the requests.”

“B. A Special Meeting of the General Membership shall be convened by the Board if instructed to do so by a petition signed by any twenty-five (25) individuals from the general membership. The signed petition must state the purpose of the meeting, and the meeting shall be convened within ten (10) days of receiving the petition. . . .”
  • Change 10 days to 7 days in both sections

  • Article VII—Council Committees—No changes made to proposed revision
  • Article VIII—Council Operations—No changes made to proposed revision
  • Article IX—Indemnification—No changes made to proposed revision
  • Article X—Bylaws—No changes made to proposed revision

MEETING WRAP-UP —President Walter Kroll

  • Motion to Approve the Bylaw Revisions for Presentation to the General Membership for Ratification
  • Discussion about when the new bylaws if approved would go into effect. Differing opinions offered. Bylaws can be ratified with an enactment date. Discussion about whether to present at April or May meeting.

MOTION: (BS moved) to present the proposed set of bylaws as amended above to the general membership for ratification at the May meeting; (LG seconded); (WK call for discussion); Motion unanimous.


MOTION: (BS moved) to adjourn; (LEC seconded); (WK call for discussion); Motion unanimous.



Submitted for approval by Elizabeth Lederman, Administrative Staff, 4/11/17