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Bowdoin Street Watch Walks

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McKnight Neighborhood Watch

 Meeting Summary

August 3, 2011

Present:         Isaac Crapps, Ed Kelly, Walter Kroll, Ceil Lewonchuk,  Tricia Love-Walsh, Michael McLaurin, Cathy Paquin, Charlie Ramos, Paul Swenson, Stephen Thibeau.
Bowdoin Street Watch Walks:
Ed Kelly, Paul Swenson, Walter Kroll and Charlie Ramos conducted a Watch Walk on Bowdoin St. on July 28th to establish a presence there.  There have been some fires on Bowdoin St. and the neighbors there are very concerned.  A meeting was held recently with the Arson Squad, which was well attended.  The fires are still under investigation.  The Watch Walks will continue in August at two week intervals.  The next one will be on Thursday, August 11 from 7:00 – 8/8:30 and everyone is invited to participate.  We need to get Valerie Paul, who is the block captain for Bowdoin St., as well as the Police Dept. involved in this activity.
Miscellaneous Updates:
Charlie has a volunteer available to do neighborhood watch related work.  This person has been making some phone calls to people in the neighborhood to try and raise awareness.  If there is any other work that this person could do, please contact Charlie to make arrangements.  Charlie will have another informational leaflet printed up with emergency phone numbers.  He also gave a brief explanation about how Text-a-Tip works.
Steve Thibeau reported that he followed up on a recent suggestion concerning the use of emergency restraining orders.
Neighborhood Crime Statistics:
Charlie reported that Eastern Ave. has been a “hot spot” recently for gang related crime.  A suggestion was made to publish gang members’ photos as tatoos could easily be used for identification purposes.  Someone from the PD should talk to our group about gang-related crime in more depth.  There was general discussion about gang crime involving the trafficking of illegal guns.  A lot of minors are involved in this activity.  There have been some arrests made in northern MA recently for guns coming in to the state from VT.
Home Security:

Charlie can arrange to have someone conduct a home security review at minimal cost.  Anyone interested should contact him.  The group discussed some security issues with locks, windows and window air conditioning units and Charlie had brochures available on keypad locks.  Motion lighting and some easy precautions like not leaving tools around outside were also mentioned.  There was also some discussion from attendees about recent break-ins and suspicious behavior.  Some problems with police responsiveness were also cited.


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