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A Few Links Added

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I added a few links to the blog to help people research rail-trails. You can find other groups that are undertaking the same type of project we’re working on here in Springfield, or learn more about issues surrounding rail-trails and agencies that are working to make Springfield a better place.Don’t miss the Enhancements link–this is the Federally funded program that is largely responsible for financing the new rail-trail in neighboring East Longmeadow. It’s likely that our project will be funded by Enhancement funds, which the City of Springfield would have to apply for. There is the slight possibility that the McKnight Neighborhood Council, or another nonprofit could apply for the funds, but the city would ultimately have to undersign the deal.

Also, make sure to look at the Bruce Freeman Rail-Trail, the web site is a well-organized wealth of information.

Don’t skip the Springfield Wellness Council’s Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc, which was specifically founded to have a impact on the health of Springfield. This is exactly the type of advocacy group the rail-trail project needs. Representatives of the rail-trail working group will be making a presentation to the Wellness Council in the upcoming months.