The Fountain at Thompson Triangle St James, Worthington, and Dartmouth

The Historic McKnight Neighborhood

Developed between 1870 and 1900, McKnight is the largest and most intact, wood-frame, late-nineteenth century neighborhood in New England. Among its more than 800 houses are some of the most elegant homes in Springfield. McKnight is many things but most of all a community. Check out why we think McKnight is special.

Storefront Improvement

Information Meeting

When was the last time someone invited you to learn how you could have your storefront improved and you pay only 10% of the cost? The McKnight Neighborhood Council invites you to learn how you as a small business can leverage the city of Springfield’s storefront improvement program to the improve the appearance of your business. There is also a Small Business Loan for small businesses for use of purchasing equipment, inventory, or working capital. Come and learn how YOUR business can leverage these programs creating a beautiful storefront with new signage, lighting, or windows attracting additional customers for your business. These are city programs that have eligibility requirements and restrictions but most businesses will qualify. Come and learn about the program, ask questions, and get an application from the city’s program administrator Richard Griffin.

Tuesday Feb 10th

Rebecca Johnson Cafeteria

6pm Questions? 746-6206

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Our next monthly meeting is January 13, 2015 from 6 pm—8 pm

At the Rebecca Johnson School Cafeteria, Catharine Street

McDonald’s Proposed Relocation--Update

Develop Springfield, a non-profit community development corporation, has entered into a tentative agreement with the current McDonald’s franchise on State Street to relocate and expand its operation to the old River Inn property on the corner of State Street and Thompson Street/
McDonald’s representatives and the owner of the franchise appeared at the October and November Council meetings, seeking a letter of support as they move forward to obtain the necessary permits from the City.Residents turned out in large numbers to oppose the relocation, citing serious concerns about the crime magnet that fast food restaurants create, more air quality pollution from larger numbers of idling cars; the traffic that will be funneled off of State Street and driven through the residential streets in the neighborhood; the voluminous amounts of litter generated; and the increased availability of poor quality food options in the area.
The McKnight board voted 6-3 opposing the proposed relocation. The developer will go forward to try and obtain approvals from the City. A re-zoning permit is needed for part of the property, and a permit for the drive-through window. Residents for and against are encouraged to follow City hearings and meetings and make their voices heard.

McKnight Neighborhood Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, November 12, 6 pm @ Rebecca Johnson School


On the agenda, the proposed McDonalds relocation to Thompson Street, and the property at 29 Ingersoll which is boarding Cathedral High School students.

McDonald’s Proposing a Move to Thompson Street

McKnight Council Looks for Neighborhood Input

The owner of the McDonald’s restaurant currently at the corner of State and Sherman Streets is moving forward with plans to relocate to the old River Inn property at the corner of Thompson and State. According to plans presented at the October 9 neighborhood monthly meeting, the restaurant will have a drive through window, landscaping at the back of the lot to buffer residential neighbors, and plans to be open 24 hours. The owner is requesting a letter of support from the Neighborhood Council to help gain approval for his various permit applications to the City. The Council requests that neighbors come forward offer their opinions on this proposal, so that the Board can make an informed decision about whether or not to support it. Please email any thoughts or questions to the McKnight Board at or plan to attend the monthly neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, November 12, at 6pm at the Rebecca Johnson School, 55 Catharine Street.