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The Historic McKnight Neighborhood

Developed between 1870 and 1900, McKnight is the largest and most intact, wood-frame, late-nineteenth century neighborhood in New England. Among its more than 800 houses are some of the most elegant homes in Springfield. McKnight is many things but most of all a community. Check out why we think McKnight is special.

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What: McKnight Council General Membership Meeting

When: Tuesday, May 9, 6pm-8pm, Rebecca Johnson School

Purpose: Approval of the Amended Bylaws of the McKnight Neighborhood Council, Inc

If you live in the McKnight neighborhood, and are 18 years or older, you are a member of the McKnight Neighborhood Council and are eligible to vote to approve the newly amended Bylaws. For the past year, Chairman Paul Swenson and the Bylaws committee have done a thorough review of the Bylaws, which were originally written in 1976. In the last few years it became evident that the Bylaws needed to be updated to reflect current practices, and to provide guidelines for problems and situations that were being encountered but are not addressed in the current document. Some changes were introduced in the proposed Bylaw revision that provide for capacity building and greater inclusiveness for all the members of the Council that live in the neighborhood.

Please click on the following links to review the attached documents:

All questions and proposed changes will be reviewed by the Bylaw Committee prior to the meeting. This will help expedite the approval process. Forms will also be available at the meeting. Please remember that in order to vote on the passage of the Bylaws at the meeting, you must be a member of the Council in that you live in the neighborhood and are 18 older. The Board requests that you bring a picture ID with a McKnight address as an indication that you are eligible to vote. If your picture ID does not have a McKnight address, you may bring a lease or utility bill which indicates that you live in McKnight. (Please recall that business or property ownership alone does not entitle you to membership in the Council, you must actually live in McKnight to be a member of the Council.) Please call the Council at 455-0301 with any questions, or email from this link: Contact Us